Greg Fisher

Greg Fisher

Associate – Business Development


  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Human Services (Community Development – Indigenous Studies)
  • Diploma of Access Consultancy (completing)

Greg combines his 30 years of experience in property development and the not-for-profit sector to bring to the iAccess team the understanding of the importance of having one-eye on commercial outcomes and the other eye on community benefit.

Formerly a CEO and Director within both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, Greg has a track-record of driving results and creating expansion through strategic clarity, operational and financial management, and stakeholder and staff engagement.

During his career, Greg has developed strategic alliances with Government, sub-government instrumentalities, corporate groups, and other not-for-profit organisations to deliver more holistic outcomes for people of all abilities and at various stages of their life.

As a property developer, Greg delivered numerous developments where accessibility modifications were part of the planning process and understands from this first-hand experience the importance and processes of delivering an inclusive environment for all.

Greg’s position within the not-for-profit sector has seen him create and implement vocational and recreational programs for people with various disabilities, and integrating people of all abilities as part of the mission.

In addition to his work for iAccess, Greg has recently founded a Public Benevolent Institution, from which he intends to continue to advocate for the advancement of inclusivity for people with disabilities. This undertaking, combined with his practical work through iAccess of delivering inclusive, accessible infrastructure, places Greg in a unique position to meet iAccess’s purpose – to support the creation of liveable spaces accessible to everyone.