Jenna Fivelman

Jenna Fivelman

Access Consultant


  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Masters of Architecture
  • Diploma of Access Consulting

Jenna’s passion for accessibility was realised through the creation of Flying Fox, a charity that provides social opportunities for young people with a disability. Jenna currently works in both Access Consulting and Architecture, delivering expertise in commercial and community-based projects.

Jenna began her career within access consultancy at Morris Godding Access Consulting and then joined the iAccess Group as an Access Consultant, working with a wide range of stakeholders. Since 2016, Jenna has worked across various sectors including education, healthcare, residential, commercial, industrial projects and more, focusing on site audits, building design reviews and producing a variety of reports. Jenna has consulted on projects including the Sydney Opera House, Sydney University and Health infrastructure.

Through Access Consulting, Jenna has found a bridge between her two primary interests; design and inclusion.

Jenna continues her involvement with Flying Fox in a consulting capacity and is also currently the Architectectural Graduate at Loop Architecture in Melbourne.