Our Team

Combined Experience

iAccess has over 80 years’ combined experience in:

  • Accessibility Consultancy
  • Urban Planning, Interior Architecture
  • Facilities Management
  • Project Design Management
  • Architecture
  • Community engagement and facilitation

A Team of Specialists

Speciality focus on legislation

Passion for social policy and law reform

Lived experience – a team of people with first-hand-experience of having mixed abilities

Researched and developed understanding of public policy

Presenter at international conferences on accessibility

Not-for-profit experience

Richard Seidman
Managing Director

Grounded in his decades of work in Accessibility, his 35 years as an architect, and his lived experience through his mother who has Macular Degeneration, Richard passionately believes that the development of the built environment is only successful when it is inclusive of everyone.

Michael Neustein
Access Consultant

Michael brings to iAccess his understanding of future populations and the need to plan and design for them to ensure that built environments are equitable and accessible for everybody. Michael is an Architect, Urban Planner and Urban Designer with extensive experience in the design and delivery of urban projects.

Greg Fisher
Associate – Business Development

Greg combines his years of experience in property development and the not-for-profit sector to bring to the iAccess team the understanding of the importance of having one-eye on commercial outcomes and the other eye on community benefit.

Jenna Fivelman
Access Consultant

Jenna’s passion for accessibility was realised through the creation of Flying Fox, a charity that provides social opportunities for young people with a disability. Jenna currently works in both Access Consulting and Architecture, delivering expertise in commercial and community-based projects.