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At iAccess, we believe that our access consulting should be a collaboration with all the other project professionals to achieve the highest and best use for everyone.

When we are asked to provide an Access Report or a Performance Solution for example, our approach is to find the most pragmatic response, being mindful and respectful to the intended design.

Our reports are comprehensive. They are based on comparative analysis and expert opinion, having regard for the latest research available globally, Universal Design Principles, and consideration of relevant international jurisdictional Standards.

Reports and involvement by iAccess should be considered an informative and useful tool for the project, as well as a guide to achieving optimum outcomes for all.

Wholistic Involvement

Access consulting is best delivered on a whole-of-project basis. By engaging iAccess Consultants from the commencement of a project, accessibility features can be included in a way that contributes positively to end users experience and beautiful design.

The project delivery phases based on a whole-of-project involvement are outlined in the graph. iAccess Consultants can also join an existing project or provide advice at any of the following project stages.

Project Stages

Concept Design

Schematic Design

Development Approval

Occupation Certificate

Project Stages

Construction Documentation

Construction Phase

Tender Phase

Construction Certificate

At iAccess we pride ourselves on providing flexibility for our clients. That’s why we offer the option of working together on a whole-of-project basis, or on a specific project stage.

Services We Offer

01 Review of Plans

Whilst the option exists to take up iAccess’ services at any stage, there are significant benefits of our early involvement.

With a determination to support the appointed architectural design and project team, iAccess takes a pragmatic approach to achieving access compliance, whilst not impacting the integrity of the overall design goal.

To support clients with the Development Application and Construction Certificate consent process, we provide an expert review of plans to ensure compliance with statutory requirements. In doing so, we minimise the potential for variations relating to access after planning approval is achieved.

Plan Reviews involve thorough mark-ups of the design package, noting key access considerations and highlighting any inconsistencies or potential issues. This enables the project architect to incorporate any access requirements at the earliest possible design stage.

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02 Preparation of Access Reports

There are a number of purposes for Access reports, including:

  • To provide a status of existing installations to develop a Disability Action Plan or a plan of action to address accessibility issues;
  • Accompany Development Applications;
  • Accompany Construction Certificate submissions.

Our Access Reports address statutory requirements relating to accessibility, highlighting the areas of accessibility focus for each element within a development.

With a focus on client-preferred design outcomes and end-user satisfaction, our expert assessment also includes recommended actions for the design team. For any accessibility issues or concerns that are identified, iAccess provides pragmatic advice solutions to support the design process.

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03 Preparation of Access Design Statements

Access Design Statements are required for the Development Application and Construction certificate stages of the development process.

Our Access Design Statements provide an efficient compliance summary of the designs as documented against the relevant accessibility codes and legislation that were considered through our assessment of the project.

Understanding the potential for holding / delay costs, iAccess is committed to working with the project management team to achieve sign-off in a timely fashion.

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04 Preparation of Access Installation Certificates

At project completion, we provide Access Installation Certificates to confirm the works were constructed in accordance with all relevant Codes and Standards.

Additionally, we hold qualification to provide specialty certification in Livable Housing Australia (LHA), Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP).

Understanding the potential for holding / delay costs, iAccess is committed to working with the project management team to achieve sign-off in a timely fashion.

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05 Disability Action Plans

A Disability Action Plan, based on the guiding principles of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, is a document created by an organisation to remove potential barriers experienced by people with disabilities. The strategy document is designed to achieve best practice to better engage people with a disability and avoid the potential for unintended discrimination. Whilst having a Disability Action Plan is voluntary, its existence will help guide an Organisation to achieve inclusivity for all.

We provide project-specific Disability Action Plans to ensure an Organisation successfully incorporates accessibility throughout its space as well as within its guidelines, policies, and procedures. We develop a strategy and timeline for the implementation of staged access
provision within a building or area, for long-lasting inclusivity.

We like to achieve a position with an organisation where they see the social and economic benefits of adopting a Disability Action Plan – removing the fear and uncertainty that can prevail about disability and replacing it with a common sense approach to achieving inclusivity for all.

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06 Performance Solutions

For a project to achieve compliance from an accessibility perspective, design must be in accordance with the requirements set out in the Building Code of Australia. Where a “deemed to satisfy” design approach cannot be achieved, the Building Code of Australia permits alternative designs to be considered, so long as the alternative solution proposed is at least equivalent to the deemed to satisfy provisions.

This is known as a Performance Solution, a carefully considered, pragmatic approach that enables access issues to be incorporated whilst not adversely impacting the design integrity of the overall development.

We work alongside developers, architects and building certifiers to achieve creative solutions, adopting the assessment methods identified within the Building Code. In particular, iAccess will assess an alternative design by:

  1. Considering comparisons with the deemed to satisfy approach – looking at international Standards and the associated research, and analyzing past Australian Standards and the path to legislative change; and
  2. Adopting our Expert Opinion. In applying this, iAccess will take into account technological advances to mobility devices, the function of the property as well as the expected end-users. This opinion is based in published research as well as industry experience of the iAccess team.

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07 Peer Review Services

We provide Peer Review Services for architecture and other design practices. This includes a summary of any changes or recommendations, as well as highlighting any inconsistencies or omissions within the documentation.

We see the existence of Peer Review as an important part of the process and implementation of accessibility design. The complexities of the access provisions often call for peer support – a process which has the goal of achieving the best possible outcome for the client as well as the end-user.

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08 Review of Shop Drawings

The construction process necessitates the production of shop drawings by the contractors.

Typically shop drawing relate to WC setouts, detailing of stairways and ramps and the review of signage packages.

We provide in-depth reviews and provide recommendations to ensure all access features are considered and implemented within the documentation for the works.

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09 Site Progress & Compliance Review Reports

iAccess Consultants provides site audit services for projects ensuring that compliance to necessary Standards is being achieved from pre-development and through the construction stage, up until construction completion and the issue of the Occupation Certificate.

Using a practical approach that considers end-user’s needs, as well as the foundations of Universal Design, our audits are effective in identifying key issues and functional solutions.

Assessment of compliance with the provisions of the National Construction Code, Australian Standards AS1428, ASA1428.5, AS2890.6, AS4299 and SEPP Seniors form basis of the site audit. In addition, the assessment of the Livable Housing Guidelines and Special Disability Guidelines (SDA) may be considered.

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10 Creative Access Design Solutions

iAccess Consultants provides design solutions supporting the design and project management teams.

Engaging iAccess as part of the project team enables accessibility to be embedded in early design stages, reducing potential risks, design modification and costs through the development process.

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11 Interpretation of Legislative Framework

Expert witness reports (Land and Environment Court).

For various reasons, some projects (and project related disputes) are determined by the Land and Environment Court. We provide Expert Witness Reports to address access issues which may need to be considered by the Court in determining a Development Application.

The process involves the preparation of a Joint Access Report where Council’s Expert Witness and the applicants Access Consultant prepare a combined response to any objections to the proposed design.

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12 Construction Checklists

The issue of the Occupation Certificates requires the provision of numerous certificates including luminance contrast, slip resistance and lift installation compliance.

We provide bespoke Construction Checklists to provide functional guidance for the project team as construction progresses through to completion.

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13 Technical Design Sheets

Coupled with our Access Report and Plan Reviews, we provide Technical Design Sheets, which practically support designers and the construction team with the implementation of access requirements.

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14 Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Assessments

Approximately 6% of all NDIS participants are eligible for specially designed accommodation to enable more independent living. The specialist disability accommodation has design types nominated as Improved Livability, Robust, Fully Accessible and High Physical Support.

iAccess has a registered assessor to provide advice and ultimately certify according to the SDA design standards.

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