Tayim Restaurant – The Rocks

Challenge / Our brief

In this project, the challenge questioned how to provide accessibility to a tenant in the rocks and to address the multiple levels within the existing built factory.


iAccess relied on the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority’s Accessibility Map to ensure accessible access to the principal pedestrian entrance of the restaurant.

We worked with the design architects Welsh + Major to overlay the access requirements whilst maintaining the rustic heritage of the warehouse.

A new external terrace was designed and the light weight stair design was developed so as not to impact on the heritage value.


The restaurant was opened in the basement of an 1880s warehouse building in Sydney’s The Rocks area, opening onto a key intersection in the pedestrian laneway network. Externally, an elegant deck and canopy were constructed to bring vitality into the laneway and were made accessible to ensure that the whole community can enjoy these new features.

Internally, old features of the warehouse were carefully stripped back to expose the original sandstone, ensuring that all patrons can enjoy the heritage of this area.

iAccess was proud to work amongst the expert team who brought this beautiful restaurant to life in The Rocks.


Architect – Welsh + Major


2019 Aus Institute of Architects, NSW, Award for Heritage Architecture – Creative Adaption

2019 Eat Drink Design Awards Best Restaurant Design Commendation

Image Source: welshmajor.com